Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lemon Bars =YUM

These are easily the item that gets requested most by people at my office.
I like a crisp crust with a soft moist lemon layer....topped with powdered sugar of course!
This recipe from Ina Garten has a lemon layer almost twice as thick as the recipe I used to use which makes it much easier to get the filling set but not over baked.
Handy tips and hints:
Use fresh lemons and zest. Sometimes I will freeze extra zest if I'm using lemons for something else and use bottled juice but really fresh is best.
Do not over bake....the filling should be set but wiggle a little if you shake the pan.
Cool before eating. E detests warm deserts for the most part and with these I agree. If you dust with powdered sugar too soon it will melt on them if they are too can buy special non melting sugar but seriously....just wait. I will usually make these in the evening to use the next day.
Cut and then dust with powdered sugar...makes for a nicer presentation I think.

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