Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Beautiful Arizona!

A few days ago I ventured out to our back yard after work (it was too venturing....I was wearing heels!) to look at what E. is calling the forest. You see as much work as we have done to the inside of the house and even the outside of the house....we have done NOTHING with the yard. So Wildlife abounds....like this cute little lizard hiding beneath the tumbleweed.

And these beautiful wildflowers...that grow wild.

So when I said we hadn't done anything to the yard this is the exception.
This is what E brought me out here to see....our trees!!! We planted a mess of trees in the spring in this sheltered corner of our back year to let them grow until they are strong enough to transport. So fun!

And now for my least fave thing about Arizona and living in the desert. This is a centipede that E killed on our driveway....so far that makes centipedes (none in the house this year though), black widows (never in the house) and scoripons. Fun times!!

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Kaddy said...

Ok ewwww to the last pic!!! That is so gross! I truly think I could have gone my entire life without seeing that! And how scary that it was outside your house! But the flowers and your trees were def. pretty!!
Love ya!