Wednesday, September 03, 2008

7 things I love today

So in keeping with trying to incorporate gratitude into my life here are 7 things that I love and am grateful for today.

My husband. Why yes he is holding a spoon and the head of Dora on a stick.
He's a rock star and I love him. What you need an explanation about the picture? Two words birthday pinata. Anyways moving on he is a total support to me in my life and at the same time supports me in being totally myself. Even if it includes watching girly movies.

Oh Burt's bees. Our relationship is a strong one...I remember the days when I could not find the cold hard north of Canada. Now is the golden years of our relationship! I can buy you at Target and WalMart and you live in every room of my house, in my car, my purse and my office.

Here is a newcomer to my life. Introduced by Nicole C (I'll be forever thankful). A lozenge to soothe my sore sore throat that does not taste horrible. At moments it really does taste like ginger ale.

How here is a geeky thing, wait everything on the list is semi geeky so I'm just going for it. FLAIR! I love getting it from friends and I love when they send me one and I'm like "YOU SOOOOO GOT ME!" My friend.....lets call her Serity sent me one pictured below labeled "book slut". She gets me.

Beautiful wax warmers (I have the blue one on the right, so pretty) that make your house smell FAB!
No more sooty candles!

This was a recent discovery at Safeway. My fruit guy at the store, Travis, saw me checking this lemonade out and advised me "If you like lemonade, good tart-sweet lemonade, you'll like that." Travis knows his stuff...he also gave me the word on when to expect those lovely Honey Crisp apples. As a side note....having a good fruit guy = priceless. He has been known to whip out a knife and cut us a sample and he never leads us wrong.

And last of all.....I'm grateful for you! I love knowing my family and friends like reading what I write! And random blog friends or even strangers....whatever!!! Embracing the love!


Kaddy said...

Gotta love the gratitute post!!! Love ya Amy!!!!!!!
ps. thanks fer addn' me!!! :}

Kimmy said...

I am greatful for Amy's cupcakes and Eldon's computer skillz and the friendship of you both. :)

Kaddy said...

just wanted to let you know i changed my blogspot address.