Monday, September 29, 2008


My 8 obsessions.....8 things that I am passionate about...
1. My Family
2. My Friends
3. Being Happy
4. Being organized
5. Blogging
6. Cooking
7. Creating
8. Love

8 words or phrases I use often...
1. Good (morning, afternoon) County Attorney’s Office. Amy speaking. How may I help you?
2. Seriously!?!
3. You know?
4. That’s tragic.
5. Totally unfortunate.
6. Adorable!
7. So annoying.
8. Ummmmm, no.

8 things I want to do before I die...
1. Photo safari in Africa.
2. Visit South Korea with E.
3. Stay in an ice hotel
4.Compete on Jeopardy.
5. Set foot in all 50 states.
6. Go back to school.
7. See Monument Valley at Sunset.
8. Learn to surf.

8 things I have learned from my past..
1. People will show you who they are and you are a fool if you don’t believe them.
2. Hard work does pay off.
3. Learn from failed relationships.
4. If you don’t like drama people who embrace drama should be cut out of your life.
5. Don’t look back except to learn.
6. The best friends will always be there for you.
7. Most of the time you are disappointed in people it’s because your expectations are too high.
8. Sometimes the problem is not that you need to lower your expectations.

8 places I would love to go or see..
1. London
2. Paris
3. Seattle
4. B.C.
5. Egypt
6. Africa
7. New York, New York
8. San Francisco

8 things I currently need or want...
1. Nintendo DS Lite
2. Tripod
3. Grey’s Season 4
4. Sleep
5.Someone to landscape our yard.
6. Vacuum sealer thingy
7. ipod Touch
8. Unlimited Plane Tickets


Rick-n-Christa said...

I liked that the 'Good Morning Navajo County Attorney's Office' phrase was mentioned as number 1 on your list. Doesn't get any better than that!!

Kaddy said...

I love that things we say at work are on our lists!! But when you say the same things every day....
Love ya!!!