Sunday, September 28, 2008


So this afternoon while watching Food Network we stumbled upon Bon Appetit's Best Food Across America.
Talk about making you crave a hamburger, they were addressing what is the best burger, pizza, steak, fried chicken and ribs.
And I felt a pang of fear. Because whenever I hear talk about the best pizza in America I think of Pizzeria Bianco.....and so did they!
PEOPLE! It is already much too difficult to get a table there! For the sake of pizza stop! First Oprah, then Martha, now Bon Appetit?!?
So the continued outing of one of our fave pizza places inspired me to share the love...and talk about a few other local faves!

This pizza is delish. Thin crust baked in a wood fire oven by the owner Chris Bianco. I particularly enjoy the mozzarella, tomato and basil salad, and the margherita pizza. So good!

Next restaurant on our list is Manna Cafe.

Manna Cafe

Most of you know that E served a mission for our church in South Korea so I'm sure it's no surprise that a Korean restaurant made the list. One of fave parts is that they serve your meal with banchan as pictured above (picture from google). Banchan are basically side dishes of pickles, kimchee and other tasty things. We really liked the beef rib eye, beef short ribs and kimchee stew.

These are just two of our local faves! I'm thinking this may be a continuing up local chains!

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