Sunday, January 06, 2008

blogitty blogs

So I wanted to post today about some blogs that I have been enjoying over the past few weeks. The first being

The Pioneer Woman, Fun blogging (and check out her recipe blog) from the middle of cow country.

Martha Stewart Blog. Pure Martha. Love it.

My friend Kimmy is rocking a new blog and I'm loving it!

You know I am all about the organizing these last few days and weeks and I have been loving this blog.

Alright as I'm still a little headache hungover I am going to move onto the watching P&P part of my day while E blows up tanks on the wii. It's another lazy Sunday!
Check it...a post with no pics! Whatever is the world coming to!
And I know that I don't know how to do links properly. Any help?

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Rising Rainbow said...

I love the PW blog. Her pics are great, her stories fun and the recipes ain't half bad either. lol