Saturday, January 26, 2008

workin' the pedal

I told you I was working on a Yoga bag but I had my doubts that I would get it together today. It's been a long week and I do love to sleep in! But oh no! None of that today. I got my groove on with the sewing machine and whipped out not only the stunning Yoga bag Below but also did a number on my Pucca bag. Replacing the liner and all the other ugly tan trimmings with this fun red. I didn't take a picture of the bag but below is a picture of these cute little banks I have that show Pucca and Garu her ninga boyfriend. She's in red. Such a cutie! Gotta run. Bellydancing is tonight!


Kimmy said...

pretty bag! I love the stripey fabric! & it's okay that you forgot me, I forgive you! *kisses*

angieinpink said...

okay...your yoga bag is amazing! i love the fabric! so fun...way to be talented.

do you take yoga classes? that sounds so enjoyable to me right about now.

i've been readin' up on your posts, your blog is awesome.

and i really need that donut puzzle you did at christmastime. my family is {really} into cool puzzles. and that one is really cool.

happy sunday!