Saturday, January 05, 2008

converse day

Some snaps of the card I made for my co-worker Debbie who left our office Friday. Super simple because I was SO not in the mood.

Also a snap of the red velvet cupcakes I made on Thursday. I was not super impressed but I've never had red velvet before so I don't really have anything to compare it to. The funny thing is that I brought four cupcakes home and this morning E said (I had been up for about 5 minutes) "I'm going to have a cupcake, there's still one left though" I had totally intended to take a picture of the four of them but I guess he had finished two off yesterday and the other two today. So I literally grabbed the one out of his hand and took a picture of the two before he ate them.
I guess he liked them more than I did. I'm not really a big baked goods eater though. I bake quite frequently but I rarely eat any more than one piece of anything I make.

In the vein of baking my adorable friend KIMMY:

posted some cupcake love on her blog (now to convince her that she needs to make me a banner as one of her "create something everyday" project). She is seen here posing with paper JOSH....and JOSH is wearing CONS! And as today is CONVERSE DAY! Enjoy the converse love below!

As it's almost midnight and i'm still rockin' the headache that i've had for about oh four days...I'm out till after the jump!

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Kimmy said...

WOOT CONS!!!Thank you for celebrating, hardly anyone else played along with me yesterday. I was sad.

& it's me! LOL.

I'll totally make you a banner for your blog. Just email me some pictures and I'll pick one to add your title to. :)