Monday, January 21, 2008

Crazy Busy

So the tail end of this week has just flown by. It feels like yesterday I was talking about going to the first yoga class of the year and now i'm almost ready for the next one (our instructor Anne really loves downward dog and my shoulders are still feeling it). Yoga was really great. It's a two hour class which is not really all that ideal because it's a really long time to be doing yoga but she starts the class with an intro and discusses a part of yoga that she's going ot focus on each week and we end with meditation so it's not actually 2 hours of yoga.
We are headed down to Mesa tonight for the long weekend. Lots of shopping to do (i have pages of lists) a haircut at Dolce on Monday and some fun organizing to get into over the weekend.
I also have to seriously hit IKEA and Trader Joe's....Lush and Penzeys. It seems like this will turn into a bit of a shopping trip and that's ok. It's one of those things that living in an area with fewer stores and services you have to take advantage of shopping when you are there.

UPDATE: I started this post and then got really busy and didn't get it posted before we left for Phoenix. We are now HOME from Phoenix and it was a super productive weekend. Got lots done at Nicole's making things ready to welcome her home!!! As well as shopping a getting a haircut. Pics for Nicole below!

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Nicole and Gene Cope said...

omg!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!
Marvelous just marvelous Amy! and Eldon:)
You are the best!
Love ya!