Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Yesterday was good. Dropped a package off for Kathleen and the post office which was horrid as always. AND I forgot to mail a second package so I'll be mailing that on Monday.
Got to talk to Nicole (always a highlight) and experiment with some things that are a surprise until Nicole's Birthday.
Had belly dancing which was OK. I've been stressed and fighting off all of my anti social tendencies so I wasn't quite in the mood to play dress up but it was fun to dance and be a little social.

Today has been interesting. Any day that starts with banging your head on the corner of the nightstand is bound to be a little rough. And to top that off the W's were the speakers at church....the most pompous, self righteous, annoying people in our ward probably. One of my goals for the new year is to not miss church two weeks in a row though and since we are in the valley this weekend I figured I had better be there. I'm hoping to spend some good scrap time today and also get some other things done which I will list below. I'm thinking that might be inspirational and help me get things done.

Some things going on this week are...

* first yoga class in 2008 on Tuesday. I've been wanting to do more yoga in the past few months so it will be nice to be able to focus on that one night a week.

*work....I'm doing my best to get things done while working with a freak. One of the attorneys that I work with is kinda crazy and I end up running around in circles often as a result. I'm determined to do my best given a less than ideal situation but it's been difficult the past week. Here's hoping that it's a better week this week.

* heading to the valley to see Gene this weekend and get my scrap-organizitaion on for Nicole. I really like organizing so i'm a happy girl!

* Bloggin!

Things to do today:

* Make B a lemon pound cake. DONE
* Scrap E's mission (so close to being done I can taste it!).
* Listen to HP and the Deathly Hallows. DONE (well for today I think)
* Watch Amazing Race.DONE
* Finish laundry. DONE
* Make the bed. DONE
* Make Spag Bol. DONE
* Make page kits for scrappin on the go.
* Make list of things I need to buy in the valley, Target, Penzeys, JoAnns etc.

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