Monday, June 23, 2008

Bad Office Etiquette

Work. I spend so much time here at my desk. Surrounded by any attempt at happiness. ;) My friend Pam gave me this dish that I use to hold paperclips. It says "Canadian Nightcrawlers. Our worms will catch fish or die trying!" LOVE IT!

Always have to have water, ipod, lotion, pens, notepad, fan...all that jazz. I'm thinking a scrapbook page is in order.

And in a fit last week I came up with this highly resoursceful lise. Just FYI everyone! Comment and share your biggest workplace annoyance!

Bad Office Etiquette
• Always use speakerphone in a cubicle.
• Always transfer calls that belong to you because you did not take time to check.
• When the shredder stops while you are using it, do NOT empty the bag.
• Never ever fill a copier or printer with paper.
• Remove other people’s faxes from the fax machine and place them in a completely random spot where they will never find them.
• When you use the last of something DO NOT put it on the list for a supply order.
• A week after you start your new job spend all of your time on the phone and the internet and none of it working.
• Eat smelly obnoxious food at your desk. Such as, Corn Nuts, Sardines, Tuna.
• Cook fish in the office microwave.
• Leave your kombucha in the fridge.
• Jam the only heavy duty stapler in the office and do not fix it.
• Never volunteer. For anything.
• Come in late, leave early, take long lunches.
• Send every forward that you receive to everyone on the e-mail server.
• Eat other people’s food from the fridge.
• Always volunteer and never follow through.
• E-mail someone and then call regarding the same issue 2 minutes later.

1 comment:

Kimmy said...

*kills your evol coworkers of doom*

Also... love the pics of your office. You totally gotta scrap those. :D

I'm still debating on buying the fabric or bidding on ebay, but I'll decide by this weekend so you have time to sew before K's bday
*if we go that way*