Friday, June 13, 2008


  • adorable
  • reusable
  • recycylable
  • light
  • non-leaching aluminum
  • no nasty plastic taste, or any unpleasant taste
  • can hold juice or whatever without imparting and flavor
  • saves money in the long run by not buying bottled water
  • they have kids ones too
  • different cap options
  • lots of design choices
  • durable
  • Swiss made AKA not made in China!


  • expensive initially
  • does not keep water ice cold
  • water will heat up if left in the car
  • super popular right now so designs come out and sell out very quickly
  • can not find them in stores very often, however my access to stores is somewhat limited
  • only comes with a screw cap, you have to buy other options
  • I only had one until this week

And then this baby came to live with us....

  • It's a lot bigger, 1 litre, and I bought a kids cap to go with it. I'm loving it!! Then Eldon was feeling a little neglected (although I did pick this one out with him in mind...much more masculine than my bottle with flowers on was not specifically for his use all the time) So last night I bought him this:

    I couldn't find a bigger picture but it's a dragon design and the new active top. The bottom line is that I really feel healthier when i drink a lot of water. And I'm not home all that often, being on the go makes a bottle really nessecary. And why have anything in your life that is not NESSECARY, BEAUTIFUL or LOVED.

    Here are some links that I have ordered from:
    Reusable Bags
    Swiss Bottle
    Sigg's US Website

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