Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Random Scrap love!

Just a little random scrappage from this weekend. I made a grad card for a friend's niece. Scraplifted from an old card creations but it ended up looking very different.

A page that I have had in my head for quite awhile....the journaling is kind of personal but it talkes about how I will never be the girl with the perfect hair, flawless skin, who can wear white and not spill etc. and I can't feel bad about that. I remember hearing Carrie on Sex & the City saying something along those lines and I just really really agree.

And last but not least a page expressing the deep love we have for all things potter. We are wearing shirts I made in those pictures, also our book collection, and a picture of us at midnight when we bought the last book.

Sorry i'm not more spirited today but I am not feeling so hot. I'm actually not at work i'm laying around feeling super sick. Lovely!

1 comment:

Kimmy said...

love how the potter page ended up! Fabbity fab...& that middle one too!