Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sewing Love

I have been looking over the past few years for a sewing basket...but by and large have never found something that I really really liked. Some were too small...most were too cutesy.
Sewing is fun! Sewing is familiar. My mother is an awesome seamstress (she even made my wedding dress) so growing up she taught us to sew and I really enjoy making things. This has led to a collection of thread, hook & eyes, bobbins, pins, measuring tapes, and other notions.
Before yesterday those items were scattered around my craft no particular order. But then, Christa, who is a rockstar! Gave me this:

Yes there may have been some begging involved ;) But all in all I think it was worth it!

See how the pins look so happy on the upper level with the measuring tapes? See how the rotary cutter no longer lives in a basket with all my yarn just waiting to cut me!? It's a thing of beauty.

I haven't quite figured out the lower compartment yet. I think I need to re-think how I'm storing my spools of thread. They have outgrown their box. Suggestions?
So long story short, Christa = ROCKSTAR Amy = Grateful for having great friends.

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Kimmy said...

That is one sexy retro box. I love it.