Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fantasy Football

Football. My only real interest in the sport is that I think Peyton Manning is hysterical and I lurve him. And the shorts are cute. So I'm going to play in a Fantasy Football league. I know! Completely random but E plays almost every year and why not. The draft is tonight so that will be a fun end to a good day...I slept a TON...I'm still really tired and coughing a lot but much better. Also had a really good visit with my uncle G, he stopped by on the way to California. No nice to have family visit! My parents are talking about coming to visit after Christmas and I'm so excited!! Ok must go now and make tea. GO PEYTON!!


Kaddy said...

Fantasy Football??? Who knew you were into that?!? You are so funny and kinda random, but thats why I LOVE U!!!
ps. slighlty offended that i'm not on your list of friends blogs!! but still heart you anyway!!

Sara said...

I love Peyton Manning! I've loved him since his Tennessee days :)