Thursday, February 14, 2008


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Made some seriously yummy roasted garlic mashed po-tate-toes yesterday for dinner. SO delish. Along with some asparagus and a nice pan fried steak and we had a nice dinner-in meal for valentines day. So many times I would rather just cook at home instead of going out. I love the convenience of going out and having no dishes or cooking tasks but I love the convenience of being able to just chill and have our own schedule. Are you ever just completely of two minds on a subject. That's me with eating out...some serious up sides and some serious drawbacks. Plus I love to cook. E is so sweet...we were watching Survivor after dinner (don't you think those fan players think they know the game so well when they really don't have a clue?) ANYWAYS so an outback commercial comes on and E starts talking to the screen about how he doesn't need to go to outback because I cook for him....not that we have an outback closer than about an hour away but the thought was nice.
One of my intentions for this year is to try new recipes and the garlic mash was quite the hit. Very the night before the whole house smelled like yummy roasted garlic because I did that part ahead.

On a different front, work, i've been facing some challenges. I really like my work and some of the people are really great...but here's the thing about attorneys...did you ever see the movie 2 weeks notice? Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant? I have one attorney that I work for who is SO Hugh Grant. Sometimes mid way through the week I honestly feel like I will lose my ever loving mind!! Right now I have three attornies and that one has no concept of the fact that I deal with three times the workload in cases that she does. I only have three right now because we are short staffed and right after I ended up with three she asked "Is it really that much harder to work for three attorneys instead of just two?" I could barely contain my answer to just "yes". This is a total vent and I really do like my job and have fun and find it really interesting. Sometimes I even am able to come home and really feel like I made a difference...helped a victim who was raped or who has been a victim of one of the many other ways people hurt each other and really just wanted to feel like someone in the justice system was listening to them.
That part of my job I love...and the two other attorneys I work for right now are SO great...they are funny and courteous and respectful and really just great to work for.

I also really struggle with faith sometimes. It's just very different to be exposed to so much ugly all day at work. Seeing the hard cold facts that people so really really horrible things to each other. And that sometimes they do NOT get what the victims would consider "justice".

But at the same time it also just helps me feel so blessed. I am blessed to have the family and friends I have. I am blessed to have had the life I have had and that we have now. Seeing so much of the bad can really help you appreciate the good, the great, the blessings.

So in that spirit, and counting MY blessings...that I am only working a half day today because I AM GOING TO SEE NICOLE IN PHOENIX!!!!!! (and I downloaded "Twilight" for my ipod so we can listen to it while we drive even though I *just* finished reading it [i'm so obsessed it's sick]) Go and have a wonderful day! Count your blessings!

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Rick & Christa said...

You do make a great difference! And you have the patience of Job, only I think you are tested way more! Did Jaquel tell you about Mercy's flowers? Funny and horrific at the same time.