Thursday, February 21, 2008

Snowy trip

We had a really interesting trip driving down to Phoenix this weekend. We got just outside of Heber and saw that they were stopping all cars on the way to Payson and diverting them through the Salt River Canyon way. The roads had been really clear up until that point but on the way to Show Low from there I took the first picture...really bad messy roads. Just outside of Show Low there was an SUV completely flipped over on it's roof in the middle of the road. The roads for better as we slowly got to lower elevation and Salt River Canyon was SO pretty. I have never driven that way before and it is just stunningly beautiful. Eldon was such a rockstar driving the whole way. It took longer to go through the canyon but it was lovely. As we got to the bottom of the canyon it was raining and everything was super green. This trip is probably the most green I have ever seen the desert. It was very odd in some ways but really beautiful.
We had a lovely time with Nicole, Gene and Caleb....can't wait to see them soon!!
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Kimmy said...

OH! I had worried about you getting down there when they canceled the inservice because the guy couldn't get here... but saw your post and knew you'd arrived ok. :)

I didn't know you hadn't been throught Salt River Canyon. :) It's pretty, but sometimes I just hate going that way... big scary heights... and don't ever stop at the bottom to pee.. even scarier restroom! LOL.