Sunday, February 03, 2008

there is another storm warning for tonight

So I totally wasn't kidding about the snow. There was rain for about a half hour last Monday night and then when I was cleaning our entryway I opened the door to this. Yes we live in Arizona so a little snow like this is a big deal but I kid you not that Monday and Tuesday of the week that just passed is probably the worst snow i've ever seen here. And there are winter storm warnings for tonight.

We are chillin' in the house. Watching the superbowl (I know how AMERICAN!) which for me really just means watching Peyton Manning when they show him in the stands or he's on commercials and watching the commercials in general so expect blogging! I made super yummy brownies with walnuts and chocolate frosting yesterday (still half a pan that are calling my name) and I will be posting the recipe + photograph because they were really good. Kim you want me to send one to work for you? All I can say is that those brownies, a heating pad, and liquid advil are seriously all that's getting me through the day. It's that type of a day for the human baromoter.

Go local sports team go!! Oh wait...they are playing in Arizona but Arizona is not playing....i forgot that part....OK then...GO PEYTON MANNING!

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Kimmy said...

Yes, Kimmy wnats brownie (if there are any left tomorrow) LOL.