Friday, February 22, 2008

making pretty things

So i've been eyeing this software for the cricut machine for awhile now...
It cuts all TTF fonts and Dingbats that are installed on your computer using your cricut. I installed it last night and after setting everything up I was able to cut this really cute wall design using 2peas barefoot professor and 2peas DW dingbats. So cute!!! I love that it was only about $60 and you are able to use all your fave fonts. I can still see using my cartridges and buying more shape cartridges but this was WAY easy and fun!! It's on the left wall of my laundry room if you are looking at the bathroom door and I LOVE it!


Rick & Christa said...

I am so copying this idea, to the T....and I'm not sorry. ;o) This turned out soooo cute!

Kimmy said...

AHHHH love!!!! *seeks usb cable thingy*

& glad to know I am not dull at all. LOL!