Sunday, February 03, 2008

This is what I anticipate Eldon doing today

E. has a snow day. So this is what I anticipate him doing all day. Looking for our funny cats as they find places they like to crash out. Ariel has been loving this spot on top of our computer desk.
Back to the snow day. I don't think that this has happened for like 60 years is the rumor. So what does he do? He's the webmaster so he goes to the school to post it on the website. Gotta love it! Leaving the house at 6:30 am on a SNOW DAY to go to school, which is canceled!
I will probably still be schlepping into work because i'm sure that our offices will still be open. (Can't stop the law and all that jazz). Anyways there was a lot of phone call frenzy this morning so I was awake early and decided to blog. Off to get ready for my day now.


Kimmy said...

LOL @ your kitty...& your silly Hubby too. :P those computer jerks need to give him home access to the website. Sorry you had to work. :(

Fat & Sassy said...

Oh my stars!!!!!
I love Eldon's parents and know them very well. Mike is actually my cousin. What a small world. So glad you commented on my blog, please tell them hi for me.