Saturday, February 09, 2008


Typical Saturday at our house lately consists of E getting up early and leaving for meetings, me sleeping in and then cleaning the house from top to bottom. Not exactly the bast part of my week. I do enjoy having a clean house as much as the next person but it does get old cleaning the whole house by yourself and then asking someone else to do one small task out of everything and having them not do it or take a really long time to get it done because they have other things they want to do. Not naming nay names here but it seriously gets on my nerves. It's a little hard to be patient and sweet when you have really done nothing fun all day either ya know?

My super fab friend Kimmy picked up some really sweet cupcake patterned paper for me at Scrapbooks Etc. Can't wait to go there next weekend let me tell you! That and a pedi are tops on my list right after seeing NICOLE!!!

So Excited for Nicole to be home! Actually since I took and dinner break and wen't to denny's with E and J i'm thinking she may be home now!!
Well i'm in bed and i'm going to post this and then watch "The Jane Austen Book Club" while the boys play a little resident evil...not exactly my thing...thank heavens for laptops!
Oh and I made those awesome brownies again. SO delish!!! Totally a keeper recipe!

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Angela said...

speaking of recipes. Can I have your carrot cake cookie recipe. you know the one's with cream cheese and dream whip mixed together for the middle. totally yummy.