Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We have always thought of Abby (our tabby) as the more timid cat. She doesn't like water, she startles easily, she would pimp herself out for a cupcake, Wait that doesn't really apply but anyways.....she's meeker. Well she was anyway. Until E was on vacation in Nevada and I was home alone. At 11:00 pm. Reading in bed. In my pj's.

That was the moment that she decided she had had enough of the nasty neighbor cat taunting her from outside the window and SHE BROKE THROUGH THE SCREEN to chase her.

And I freaked out. And I called E. Who offered to come home from Nevada...very sweet.
Have I mentioned before that our yard is roughly three quarters of an acre? With no lights? Or streetlights? Or lights?

I ran around in my Pj's and flip flops in our yard full of stickers and tumbleweeds at midnight hoping that my flashlight would catch her eyes (it did). She was camped out by our old horse shed (we are zoned for large animals and someone once upon a time had a horse) I managed to lure her in with treats and got her back inside. Total drama.

So you can understand why we keep a super close eye on her when she tries to sneak outside. We were outside looking at a lizard and she wanted to come out and play.
Gosh she really puls off that innocent "what? I'm not doing anything?" look!

And just to be fair here is our other cat Ariel. Who has been SO well behaved! She didn't even jump out of the window after Abby!

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Kimmy said...

abby looks totally adorable in that first pic, but in the following ones she looks kinda evil... like a sneaking cat who breaks out of windows should. LOL.