Thursday, August 28, 2008

Coughing....endlesss coughing.

I have a cold. I'm whiny and I have a cold. I keep randomly commenting to E about how my throat hurt and when he asks if I would like some tea my response is "No, I just want to whine." Charming Eh?
So in the spirit of being not quite so dismal....I present things around my house that are making me happy in random ways!!!

1: Dishwasher magnet. Because for real....we can just not get our stuff together and remember if the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty without help. So I made a magnet.

2: Sink caddy from OXO. My random scrubbers used to reside in a big root beer mug and they would randomly lose their heads and soap would get everywhere. Yup. But not now. Now they have a neat and tidy home. I lurve it! You can even see the jars that we had out for canning on the counter in the top of a paper box. My office uses obscene amounts of paper and boy do those paper boxes come in handy.

3: Last but certainly not least. Fresh veggies from my in-laws garden. So delish, so fresh, so much. We are blessed. We have a barren tumbleweed yard and they have a lush garden...and we are blessed.

So I'm trying to hang on. Drinking obscene amounts of tea (chamomile), sleeping for absolutely ridiculous lengths, sucking on halls (Canada dry flava yum!!) and trying not to smash my fist into any one's face at work because I'm a cranky whiner.
I did pull it together and make E Kimchi fried rice for dinner last night. Unfortunately since I'm sick it did not taste good to me so I ate plain rice (no worries...he ate the whole pan without assistance).
But those are the breaks and I'm rambling so don't be whiny and cranky like me! Find the lovely things in your life and bask in the blessings. Because seriously, there is only so much cranky to go around and I'm OWNING IT!

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Kimmy said...

*hands you a lozenge*

Hope you feel better. :D
Thanks for hanging with us last night. :D

Lovin' the Groban music. :)