Friday, August 08, 2008

My love--hate relationship

As a general statement I like Arizona. I enjoy the temperate (for the most part) weather, the desert beauty, the mexican food and plenty of other things.
I do however miss the rain. It rains so little here that when we get a true monsoon season it's really quite amazing. Every day lately has been starting out something like the picture below.
Bring and sunny with a sky full of fluffy white clouds. Beautiful!

However every afternoon this week it has slowly turned into the sky pictured below. Complete with thunder, lightning, power outages and rain.
I really do love the rain but this has also brought on massive headaches for me. Since Sunday night. It's Friday. So for real? I no longer miss the rain....I have moved on to missing sleep.


Kimmy said...

awww you eve have groban rain music.... :D

Kimmy said...

Oh am spazoid, you overwhelmed me with Josh I didn;t READ your entry before posting. LOL.

*HUG* sorry the rain is making your head hurt. Bad rain.

Tanya said...

I love storms, but not days of dreary gets me down!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!