Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Red or green? GREEN!

So in Arizona, when dealing with New Mexico Mexican food the question you are most often asked is red or green? Meaning do you want red chile or green chile on your dish.
I personally am not a big fan of red (at all). It's usually too hot for me to taste any flavor and overall just not as yummy as green chile gravy. So last week when we saw a cart by the side of the road selling roasted green chiles we HAD to stop. See we were out of our home canned green chile and have been for awhile. As after a quick call to my inlaws to see if they were in to split a bag we were on!

The first step to processing green chile is they dump the whole bag of chiles into this roasting drum at the stand where you buy them. The flames blister the tough outer skin and once it is all roasted they put it into a plastic bag for it to steam slightly.

Next, using gloves, you take the chiles and take the charred skin off, take the seeds out and if you are canning them chop them. If you leave them whole they are perfect for chile rellenos aka. stuffed chile peppers.

I personally like to keep mine canned so the last step is to put the chile in jars and process it in a pressure cooker to kill all bacteria and seal the jars. Yum!
Green chile is totally delish in scrambled eggs, made into a gravy to serve over chimi's, in chicken enchilidas, in white chicken chile and E even had some in his grilled cheese last night.

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Kimmy said...

that chili looks yummy!