Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Scrap Love (lots of patient)

So I've been super stressed at work (one particular person who is unavoidable and pretty much makes work suck). SO I've been channeling all my stress into creativity. And watching Jane Austen. And reading. But lots of creativity!!
SO here it is! Pretty please leave me some love because I'm hanging onto my sanity by a thread. Seriously. B one of the attorneys I work with made a joke this morning and my heart felt like it skipped three beats. I didn't get that he was joking and I mentally was preparing myself for a case to start a jury trial instead of taking the plea as planned. It was really funny in retrospect and he was teasing me because I've been stressed but seriously...three beats.


Lynelle said...

I want to scrapbook with you!!! I love your pages!

Nicole and Gene Cope said...

I especially LOVE the ipod layout...seriously a scraplift!
Hope your week gets better.
Take care.

Rick-n-Christa said...

You look really cute in that Canada Day picture. I must tell you, and I think everyone of us at work would agree that, we DO NOT know how you cope with that 'one' attorney. None of us could do it like you do. You are amazing.

Kimmy said...

totally cute pages.
I think the canada day one is my fave... and your "hostess page" came out freakin' cute... and the kaitee ones... just fabity.

*kick attorney in the gonads*

Sunflower said...

Your scrapbook pages are exceptional, as always. You really have a gift for putting things together, not just pages, but the colors in your home, etc. Very much enjoyed your blog!