Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Save me!

There are days when I REALLY need music. When I feel totally overwhelmed and stressed at work. When I feel the need to get in the mood to excercise. When I feel like driving and just blasting the music. Today is totally that day. I still have a headache. Nothing comparable to the headaches I was having last week but still....painful and annoying. There is work stress with one of the attorneys I work for...nuf said! So i've been tuned in with one ear bud trying to get a little head space back. Loving the song that I put on my playlist. All These Things That I Have Done by the Killers

Yesterday was a great day. We didn't do a whole lot after work....just random stuff around the house and we walked for a mile and a half. I have vowed to take my camera along for one of our walks so you can see the pretty horses on our street and other random things. I tried out a few new recipes this weekend too and took pictures so expect a recipe post soon!

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