Saturday, August 23, 2008

I made it to the weekend by the skin of my teeth.

So I made it to the weekend. Barely. But last night was good, date night with E so we saw Hellboy 2 at the Roxy (I love that the theatre here in town is called the Roxy). And today had a great scrap class with Kimmy and we are now canning green chile with my in laws. Love some green chile! Pictures to come of canning and the card class.

So I have a confession. I like the twilight books. I'm excited about the movie too. It was supposed to release on E's b-day and has now been moved to a new release date of our 5th anniversary! Unfortunately E will be out of town so anyone else in?

There has also been a LOT of Olympic watching going on at our house. I was heartbroken when Canada had no medals last Friday night but became somewhat happier over the course of the week as we climbed to 18....yes roughly a 10th (slight exaggeration) of the USA medal count I KNOW. No worries....the plan is to OWN THE PODIUM in 2010 in Vancouver. Seriously. And it can happen. The biggest winner in Turin 2006 was Germany with 29 medals, followed by USA with 25 and Canada with 24. So...summer...not so much our thing (but kudos to Canada's medalists, you rock!!) but be prepared for Vancouver 2010. It's GAME ON!
And for now. Enjoy the eye candy and althletic power that is Michael Phelps and other assorted adorable olympians. After all...there is also a lot more clothing in the winter games!

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Kimmy said...

but I love the maybe that's why I am partial to the winter olympics. LOL.

I'll go with you to see the movie...:)