Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007

Christmas this year was a little different. I don't know if it was just harder being far from family after being in Canada last year or if it's just less of a big deal with no kids around. I love our stockings and having the Christmas cards all up to display. So fun!

And our tree. Which the cats love. If it were a better picture you could see that there are only decorations on the top half because the cats liked playing with them SO much!

Christmas morning was nice. We ended up staying in our PJ's pretty much all day, eating breakfast and opening presents. Doing puzzles and watching movies.
I made white chicken chili and it was really great to just relax and stay in the bubble.

New Christmas PJ's from the night before and just relaxing all day. Looking forward to a repeat of that for New Years. We spent Christmas Eve with Eldon's family and that was nice too. I missed my family's tradition of Christmas eve Chinese food though. I heard it was really good this year too.

I'm so ready to be home from work today. We rented Mario Galaxy for the wii and it ROCKS! We played a bunch last night and I think i'm going to buy it tomorrow. It's a really fun game.

Tomorrow we are headed to Flagstaff for some sushi, gift card spending and watching of this:

Should be fun!

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