Tuesday, December 18, 2007

post office

So I go to the place where I have spent oh so much money and time this holiday season for hopefully the last time this year. (fingers crossed)I will of course make exceptions if it is to pick up packages but that is where I draw my line in the sand people! Speaking of which Angela I think one of your packages has come because I have to sign a delivery confirmation from Canada. They are holding it hostage until I sign my life away. ;) And I have two more of these to mail as well.

And some packages that contain handmade items that should have been in the mail sooner...I know. Forgive me MargaretJane and Mom! They are worth the wait though I promise! They contain my blood sweat and tears!!

I have also been making a TON of these little darlings lately. Cranberry bliss bars. So good! I foresee a batch or two more before the Holiday season is over though. SO popular! Nothing goes better with a starbucks steamed milk than a cranberry bliss bar.

Can I just say that it is only Tuesday and I am SO ready for the weekend. (a four day weekend for me I may add) Eldon's off starting Friday for the next two weeks and I have a four day weekend, work three days and then repeat. Super fun times around our house I tell you! I still have some Christmas gifts to finish (it is so sad) and i'm really trying to get into the spirit. I'm thinking of making some shortbread or maybe butter tarts as a depression buster. Any other ideas?


Kim said...

if you maketh shortbread kimmy wnats some... am eating cheap $1.99shortbread right now! I need good stuff.

Angela said...

Can I have the recipe.. I would also love to get your carrot cake cookie recipe where you take the two cookies and put some dream whip mixed with cream cheese in between them.. Yummy