Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i hear it's your birthday....

I am one lucky girl!

28 LONG years ago this boy was born.

Four years ago we got married and I've never been happier.
For our anniversary he surprised me with this:

I think this may be the first time he has ever surprised me with a present (I still really love all his gifts but he's a "what do you want?" kind of a guy)
I will share the rest of the story about the ring because believe you me it was a funny one. But today is all about Eldon.

He makes me smile constantly. He is a devoted husband. He chooses me over his family when it comes down to it. He chooses US over almost everything. He totally indulges me...and I love it! He loves me unconditionally.

He's kind. He's funny. He's super intelligent. He's totally into fantasy football. He likes musicals. He loves to try new food. He always takes out the trash.

He's all mine and I love him!
Happy Birthday Baby!!!


Nicole and Gene Cope said...

ahh how sweet! It almost made me cry!
Yes,Happy Birthday indeed Eldon!!
Amy, I will call you tonight. Sorry I haven't returned your calls I have been super busy.
I will talk to you soon though.
Love ya!

Kim said...

awwwwww. How sweet! :D

I love those old pics of Eldon. So cute! :D