Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Am I the only one who gets the irrepressible urge to organize when the new year hits?
I have been making up an order for the container store and these are a few of the fun things I have found.
I never would have thought of it but the individual boxes of tea can get quite overwhelming. Neat way to organize all of your packages!

Speaking of Tea, This one is awesome! So delicious! I'm completely addicted!

I also really need a few of these. Cans completely overwhelm our pantry and are a constant annoyance. Plus it would be handy to have this labeled and know when you were out of a particular canned good.

I think that these days ago timers would be a plus. You hit the button and it starts counting the days UP so you would know "OK this milk has been in the fridge for 5 days" etc. With just the two of us sometimes we don't use things as quickly as a larger family would.

How nice would it be if you don't have cupboards that have built in pan racks to have things be somewhat separated. Muffin tins and baking sheets and cutting boards.

I wish we had a container store closer because they have some seriously cool organization products. Oh well! The Internet will have to do for now!


Nicole and Gene Cope said...

LOVE organizing!!! I so love the container store. I added way too much to my cart a few months ago when I went online so I thought I should just go to the store when I get back home. Do you want to come with?
Miss ya!

Kim said...

OOOH I want.

Esp love the tea thing and the count down thing...

Nicole and Gene Cope said...

I hope you are feeling better:)
I have felt so crappy all night and I sure hope that I am not coming down with something.
Ok, so I know that there is no Conatiner Store in AZ but there is that other organizing store at Chandler Mall.
Miss ya!