Saturday, December 22, 2007


Had some fun times today. My in-laws came over for dinner to celebrate the first snowfall. Actually I was home horribly sick the day of the second snow fall and it was WONDERFUL looking. All of these big flaky huge snowflakes drifting down. I pulled all of the blinds up and the cats were watching and chasing after snowflakes. The crazy thing is that it was all melted and gone by the time Eldon got home from work. I miss snow that stays!

I made gingersnaps to send with the Moody's on their way to Nevada for the Holidays and after my in-laws went home we ended up going over to Kimmy's to bring her her present and stayed to hang out.

We played this game that we bought about a year ago and had never played, kuuduk. It was fun but apparently there was a rule we didn't know about. (Kim you are supposed to link the letters together with either the same number or the same colour side by side as shown in the below picture. Who knew!) That and the fact that we were playing with just three people made it a little different. I really liked it though and would totally play again. We love card games. They are so inexpensive that we usually pick up any that look interesting but we have several that we have never played.

We rented "Stardust" last night. Really great movie. My sister Angela really likes the author Neil Gaiman and I am super excited because Kimmy had the book and loaned it to me to read! I love reading and comparing books to movies. I don't know why I just do.

I've been feeling kind of not in the Christmas spirit and tonight as I was flipping through my recipe book to get the recipe for my mom's shortbread I realized I have really not done any holiday baking. I'm making shortbread sometime in the next few days but I think there are a few other recipes that I should bust out as well. I'm also trying really hard to take pictures of the recipes as I cook them so when I post them I have photographic evidence.
OK my bed is calling me. Night!

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Kim said...

I bet it would have been harder toplay that way, and we might not have gotten so vicious. LOL. But it was a ton of fun!