Saturday, December 15, 2007


I'm in a mood. I'm blue. I'm listening to River constantly. So not the right mood for a week before Christmas. So in an attempt to cheer myself up miss Lexi came over today.

We have scrapbooked and played "Mario Party 8" with Eldon and have now moved onto the making pizza and playing "Ratatouille" part of our evening.
I also have a goal of getting my Christmas cards done sometime this weekend to mail them horrible late on Monday.
Three cheers to pizza and Lexi!


Kim said...

I hate when i get ina mood like that. Meh.

I hope Lexi fixed you. :D

Nicole and Gene Cope said...

I felt bad for Denise. I think Todd played "the game" best of the final 4. Amanda is such a whiner and Courtney is...let's just say that she definitely didn't deserve it! i think it would have made more of a difference in Denise's life. She did make a valiant effort.
Who were you routing for?
How are you feeling?